12/10/15 5:59 PM

Woman Kills Live-in Partner After Party

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A woman had been in live-in relationship with a man for six years. He constantly harassed her. Also the girl has got a new boyfriend. One night, after a party, she killed the man with the help of her new boyfriend. Going into detail…

A woman named Neetu was in live-in relationship with Yogender Singh. Yogender had no job and was idle. He often harassed Neetu her for money. After six years of their relationship, Neetu became well acquainted with a person named Rohit. She then made plan to kill Yogender. When Neetu sought help from Rohit and neighbor Asha, they agreed. As per plan, Neetu arranged a drink party on Tuesday night at her place. After Yogender got totally drunk, they squeezed Yogender in the neck and killed him.

The next day, they dumped the corpse in a deserted area in outer Delhi after disfiguring Yogender’s face with the help of a rock. They left the place. Local people who noticed the dead body immediately informed police about it. Policemen filed a case and questioned Neetu as a part of interrogation. That was when she revealed that she was the one who killed him along with two others. Police filed a case against all three and they were sent to judicial remand.



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