09/9/15 8:30 AM

Woman Run Over by Uber’s Cab Driver

uber driver attacked woman in australia

uber woman attacked


An Uber cab driver who behaved as a psycho attacked and ran his car over a woman in Australia. A woman named Sasha of Queensland booked an Uber cab. Once she boarded the cab, the woman told her destination address to driver, who refused to use GPS navigation to reach there. He strictly asked the woman to navigate. Agreeing to his dmand, Sasha started guiding him and that was when she received a phone call. As the lady was on call, she stopped directing him the route. The psycho driver then the angry cab driver started abusing her. He pulled her out and ran his cab over her. Sasha’s leg was rode over by tyre and she was admitted to hospital. She filed a complaint with police, who are now investigating the matter.



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