05/18/16 11:49 AM

Woman ‘s Life destroyed due to Facebook Friendship


Facebook has become equally addictive to old and young, men and women, rich and poor. Now-a-days, there is no person without a facebook account. There is nothing wrong with creating accounts on Facebook and Twitter and wanting to use them but making friendship and sharing personal matters with strangers on social media websites is very dangerous. It might cost one ‘s life. One such incident that took place in Delhi is an example. A man who trapped a foreign woman on Facebook made her come down to India and destroyed her life.

Going into detail, a man named Altaf belonging to Delhi made friendship with an Uzbekistan woman. After some days, he proposed love to her and asked her to come down to India so that they can get married. He also said that they both can start a business soon after the wedding. The woman who believed him arrived at Delhi. Altaf received her and checked into a hotel room in Vasanth Kunj in Delhi. After saying cock and bull stories for four or five days, he trapped the woman into sexual activity. He secretly recorded all the intimate scenes on a camera. After this, he revealed shocking news to the woman.

Altaf told the woman from Uzbekistan that he was already married. He came along with his wife to the woman and snatched all the money she had. After this, he sold her to a prostitution house. The woman somehow managed to escape from there and lodged a complaint with the police. The man ‘s wife was arrested by police and they are in search of Altaf who is absconding.



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