05/19/15 12:23 PM

Woman Smashes Mercedes after SP Leader’s Guards Eve-tease

agra mercedes sp leader eve teasing

agra mercedes sp leader eve teasing


Eve-teased by Samajwadi Party’s leader Abhinav Sharma’s guards from a Mercedes Benz in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, a 23-year-old woman taught them a lesson. Sadhvi Pandey along with her sister started for a hospital by bike. When they stopped at a signal point, Samajwadi Party leader Abhinav Sharma’s Mercedes stopped by them. That was when the SP leader’s security guards teased Sadhvi’s sister by winking at them, making indecent comments. When her sister tried to record the same using her phone, the guards snatched her phone and smashed it to ground. Sadhvi, who was agitated with the incident blocked the leader’s car, damaged the bonnet and glasses. She plucked off Samajwadi Party flag from the car. She demanded apology and Rs. 6,500 ie., the cost of phone damaged by them. Others present at the stop also supported her. As the situation seemed to be going beyond control, Samajwadi Part leader Abhinav Sharma who got off the car, apologized to Sadhvi and her sister for the indecent act committed by his security guards, paid Rs. 6.500 to her and flee from the place. A video of Sadhvi Pandey smashing the Mercedes and protesting on top of the car that was recorded by an eye-witness has gone viral within minutes of posting it over media. The brave act of the woman condemning against regionally strong politician Abhinav Sharma and his guards is being appreciated by all.


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