09/10/15 10:04 AM

Women Paid More than Men Initially in IT Sector




In IT sector, initial pay for women in the beginning of career is more than that of men, revealed a survey. While men in Delhi with below 3 years of experience are earning Rs.9.5 lakh per year on an average, women are earning Rs.9.8 lakh. In Hyderabad, men with less than 3 years of experience are earning Rs. 9.4 lakh per year, women are earning Rs.9.7 lakh. The survey also revealed that as experience grows, men are earning more than women. Once they get four years of experience, men are being paid high salaries. When employees with experience between 7 and 10 years are taken into consideration, women are paid only 50% of what men earn. Another finding in the survey is that men and women are getting equal salaries in Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru.



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