06/6/15 5:36 AM

World’s First Skull & Scalp Transplant in Texas

skull transplantation


Doctors in America succeeded in performing skull and scalp transplant for the first time in the world. Texas man James Boysen, who is 55 is a software developer in Austin. James was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer that attacked his scalp. Since there is no other way but transplantation, doctors had to go for it. After performing a surgery for 15 hours, doctors gave him a totally new scalp and skull. Along with the two, his kidneys and pancreas have also been transplanted. The plastic surgery was held under the team guided by Michael Chlebek. The surgeon mentioned that this is a complex microvascular procedure ie., tissues had to be transplanted through microsurgery. The lead surgeon mentioned that this is the first time that skull along with organs has been transplanted simultaneously.



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