04/23/15 9:53 AM

World’s Most Identical Twins Share Boyfriend Too!!

The identical twins we are talking about here were born wih a one minute gap. It is not just the looks but their habits and doings are also alike. They share with each other almost everything in life.. including a most shocking thing… their ‘boyfriend’

Anna Di Cinque and Lucy Di Cinque who live in Perth, Australia were born with a gap of 1 minute but it is highly impossible to guess who is who! Such identical are the two. Not even their mother could succeed in guessing the right name of the person. Height, weight, fitness,body measurements, hair style,dress code, makeup, way of talking, behavior, education, interests, food that they eat are all the same. The Australian twins who are alike in every nook and corner have settled in career as beauticians. They are presently 28 years old.

A TV channel of Japan called down many identical twins from around the world and conducted a competition among them. While some dissimilarity could be spotted between all the other twins, nothing could be differentiated between Anna and Lucy. Even a computer failed to detect any difference between these twins. With the event, they were recorded as world’s most identical twins. They said that since there were some differences in features earlier, the twins have undergone plastic surgery investing Rs. 1.5 crore.

These extremely fond twins who have teased many of their friends with their identical characteristics seem to have decided not to prank with their lover as the duo has selected a common boyfriend. The inseperable sisters who share every common interest even share their boyfriend Ben Byrne, an electrical mechanic also from Perth. Not being able to stay away from each other even for a while is said to be the reason for these identical twins to choose a single boyfriend. Ben Byrne who liked the proposal of Anna and Lucy accepted their love.

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