06/29/15 9:18 AM

YCP Direct Attack on Pawan Kalyan Tweets

YCP leaders have countered Pawan Kalyan who has been responding over twitter. It is known that Ambati Rambabu said on twitter yesterday satirically that Pawan kalyan is a paid artist of Chandrababu Naidu.




Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan mentioned on twitter that he might call for a press meet either on this weekend or sometime during next week to express his opinion about cash-for-vote, phone tapping and section-8. YCP leader Gudivada Amarnath commented to this saying that there is a huge confusion on which topic Pawan Kalyan would be responding. He questioned how many times Pawan Kalyan questioned the state and central governments during last one year. Amarnath commented that there are no traces of interest in fighting for the society in Pawan Kalyan. The YCP leader expressed that taking advantage of his fans, Pawan Kalyan charged for helping TDP and BJP win the  previous elections. Amarnath commented that Pawan might have recently found way to earn money by posting over twitter.



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