10/24/15 5:50 AM

Yoga for 1/2 Hr Per Day = Zero Health problems

yoga for half an hour per day = no health problems


Yoga reduces and gradually washes out the following from our bodies:

*Excess heat

*Body chills


*Mental Stress

*Back pain

*Disc problems

*Sexual disorders


*Knee pain


*Low BP

*High BP

*Mental imbalance

*Kidney stones

*Excess fat

*Cardiac Disorders


*Respiratory ailments






*Stomach ailments


*Neck pain

*Body weaknesses

*Muscular imbalance

*Growth Problems



Why should we avoid practicing YOGA when it prevents and cures all ailments? Let us make Yoga a part of our daily routine. Practice yoga atleast for half-an-hour per day for perfect and fit health and body.


Narasimha Donthineni, Yoga Master.


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