10/6/15 11:15 AM

Youth Robs Flipkart of Rs.20 Lakh




About 60% Indians are shopping online and e-commerce boosted hugely in recent past as purchase, payment and return…everything is made easy. A young man named Veera Swamy, who took this as an advantage, robbed leading e-commerce company Flipkart of a huge sum of Rs.20 lakhs through return policy. He orders costly electronic products on Flipkart in the name of his relatives, friends. Soon after receiving products, he rings up call center and claims of having been delivered low quality goods. Before company executive comes to him to collect a product, Veera Swamy replaces the original product with a fake or lower quality one and writes model number and item code that was originally written on box to avoid any suspicion. He maintains various bank accounts and e-mail accounts. Once the product reaches dealer who delivered it, money would be credited back in Veera Swamy’s account. However, the man’s fraud is finally caught and Flipkart accused him of robbing Rs.20 lakh from it in last 20 months by implementing return policy on over 200 purchases. A case has been filed with Vanasthalipuram police who started investigation.



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