06/18/15 7:55 AM

YSR was Far Better than KCR: Chandrababu Naidu



AP CM Chandrababu Naidu made sensational comments in cabinet meeting held on Wednesday. While on opposition’s side, YSR also troubled TDP a number of times, trying to suppress the party but he never crossed limits in doing so, said Chandrababu. Though YS and Chandrababu had many differences politically, he said that the Congress leader never went beyond certain limit in causing trouble. But Telangana CM KCR has firmly targeted TDP and he observes no limits in trying to destroy the party, Babu said. He commented that KCR is constantly committing to rebellious activities. Though Chandrababu asked KCR umpteen times for a peaceful meeting to discuss issues in the two states, he said that the Telangana CM never responded positively. On seeing the current scenario, I feel that YSR was far better than KCR, Chandrababu said in the cabinet meeting. However, it seems that Chandrababu came to know about YSR’s political ethics only after seeing the behavior of KCR, say some.



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