05/14/15 8:45 AM

Zimbabwe Serial Killer-Rapist Murders 13 Women, Drinks Blood


Zimbabwe’s serial vampire killer drank blood of women and killed them brutally after raping them. In inhumane incidents that took place in Zimbabwe, a 26 year old named Alois Nduna alias Jackson Moyo allegedly raped 13 women and sucked their blood after murdering them. The brutal killer absconded from the police and roamed about in Zimbabwe, changing names. After sketching several plans, the police with the help of private detectives were able to arrest Nduna in a night club.

Hove was the last woman to be killed in the hands of Nduna. Recounting how he killed 26-year-old Beauty Hove on 25th April, Nduna told Masvingo magistrate, “I grabbed Hove who was on phone, alone in the market and bit her on the neck after which I started sucking her blood until she lost consciousness. She fell down and that’s when I stopped sucking her blood”. Police tracked Moyo with the help of a cellphone which he stole along with money after murdering one of the victims and throwing her body into bushes.

When asked why hecommitted to murdering women and sucking blood from their bodies, Nduna claimed that he sucked blood because his church (Universal Church) told him that it would make him a very strong person. Police are now investigating crimes committed by Nduna.



The person in no shirt is Nduna.

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