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Aatadukundham Raa Movie Review And Rating

Aatadukundham Ra

Aatadukundham Raa

Aatadukundham Raa is the latest Telugu film which released in theatres. Akkineni hero Sushanth is trying to score a hit with Aatadukundham Raa,. Sonam Bajwa is the heroine. Nageswara Reddy G is the director of the film. Check out the review on the film by Korada.com

Directed by : G Nageswara Reddy
Produced by: A Naga Susheela and Chinthalapudi Srinivas Rao
Presenter : Annapurna Studios
Starring : Sushanth, Murali Sharma, Sonam Bajwa, Brahmanandam, Prudhvi and others
Music by : Anup Rubens
Cinematography : Dasaradhi Sivendra
Edited by : Gowtham Raju
Production company : Sri Nag Corporation & Srija Films
Release date : 19 August 2016
Censor : U/A
Country : India
Language : Telugu

Story : Aatadukundham Raa

Karthik (Sushanth) enters the house of Vijay Ram (Murali Sharma). Vijay Ram taste losses in his business after his friend Anand Rao (Anand) cheats him. Vijay Ram is now planning to sell off a rice mill so that his brother (played by Raghu Babu) could pay that amount as dowry of his daughter’s wedding. But Karthik wont let that happen. Karthi who enters as Vijay Ram’s nephew tries his best to defeat the acts of villains by making use of Posani and Brahmanandam. The rest of the story is all about knowing the identity of Karthik and the way he helped Vijay Ram’s family and revealing the truth behind Vijay Ram and Anand parting ways.

‘KORADA’ Take On Aatadukundham Raa

Sushanth has shown a lot of variation in his acting when compared with his previous films Adda and Kalidas. There are so many variations in the role of Sushanth and he maintained everything perfectly. Sushanth has also become very expressive. As part of the story in the film, he needs to emote every scene properly and he does it so well. He tried to avoid over acting and did his best. He performed very well in songs by putting in best efforts in dancing. With Sonam Bajwa, he has put in some energetic dance moves and entertained the audiences. The comedy has also come out very well in the film. The comedy track between Sushanth and Pudhvi is entertaining and at the same time, the time mission concept also entertains us completely. Brahmanandam also played a good entertaining role in the film after several days.

Murali Sharma has played a different role in the film and his performance is very good. The heroine Sonam Bajwa is too good in the film and she does her best and lived up to her character limitations. The rest of the actors made their presence felt. The villain fails to impress in the film. The actor who played the negative role in the film has completely gone wrong. The climax of the film is good. The film is not for everyone. If you are looking for something new, fresh or anything interesting, you might definitely end up hating the film. But if you are seriously looking for some entertainment and pass the time with a routine story, you will surely like this. The director implemented the outdated successful commercial formula in already used entertaining format. The story of the film contains no proper strength. Adding to that, the screenplay falls flat. There are many boring scenes and the lags in between in the second half could not impress.

The first half of the film is very good with comedy scenes and other interesting elements. By the time the twist gets revealed at the interval, we may not move into the story again. The second half is not worthy except for time machine scenes. Anup Rubens music is a disaster. Even the background score fails to impress us! The cinematography is good and the technical team did a wonderful job in the film. On a whole, the film fails to impress in all aspects but if you are okay to keep the logic aside, the film is for you!

Plus Points

  • Performances
  • Comedy
  • Cinematography

Minus Points

  • Slow Narration
  • Run Time
  • Screenplay
  • Story

‘KORADA’ Verdict On Aatadukundham Raa

Without Logic, Film Entertains

Korada Rating : 2.5/5

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