04/19/16 11:08 AM

Actual Reason About MS Narayana Death

Versatile comedy actor MS Narayana was a huge loss to the whole industry. He has essayed a lot of roles in his career and of those, most of them are successful. MS Narayana’s sudden death pushed everyone to a deep shock. He is quite often known for the drunkard characters. And the drinking habit itself has killed the ace comedian and he seriously feel for that. This drinking has killed him as a person and he began to suffer a lot of health related problems.
Speaking about the same issue, his daughter Sasi Kiran revealed some shocking truths about her father. On the occasion of the MS Narayana’s birthday, his daughter gave a special interview to Idream Media and she revealed that the actor has never cared about his career and he drank all through his career. But the actor never went to the sets drunk. He used to enjoy drinking while not having shoots. Her father and her whole family were okay with his drinking habit but they never thought that it results to that extent. Many dont know what exactly is the reason for the death of the actor.

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