05/9/16 12:26 PM

Akira Nandan Met With Bad Cycle Accident


Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s son Akira Nandan underwent a bad cycle accident today and his mother, and a worried Renu Desai has immediately taken him to the hospital for the treatment but what she experienced there is the negligence of hospital authorities. The former model and actress was disappointed to see the way the hospitals are making the delay in the treatment. She revealed her anger on the same issue on her Twitter profile today morning.

“Rather, directly die, than go to big hospitals for treatments! The insensitivity of the entire system frm docs to nurses kills d human spirit! Akira had bad cycle accident, got him to one of d best hospitals & inspite of seeing an injured child d delay in treatmnt & waiting & insensitivity.” Renu Desai tweeted.

“He has a hand fracture, lots of face, knee, shoulder and elbow wounds. But he is okay now. Thank you sincerely for all the wishes for him :)” she tweeted after a while.

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