06/27/16 1:02 PM

Ali’s Ramjan Treat Inspires All


This is the season of Ramzan and already the government is giving Iftar treat to muslims in the state. At the same time, noted celebrities, film stars and other famous personalities are celebrating this phase in a grand manner. Veteran comedian Ali is a very rich man who has been in the film industry from his childhood. He has avoided these unnecessary celebrations and has celebrated the Iftar treat with orphans and kids.

Like every year, Ali organized a grand Iftar feast this year which would be celebrated between orphans and underprivileged kids. Ali is going to feed about a 100 such kids on the 26th of this month and he was happy for the same. “Feeding the poor is a great service and the satisfaction of these kids is a blessing for my family”, said Ali to a leading Telugu daily.

Very impressive and inspiring gesture from Ali!

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