07/2/16 3:04 PM

Allu Arjun Irked At SIIMA Event Too?


It is a known thing that Pawan Kalyan fans irking other Mega heroes in public events by insisting to speak about Allu Arjun constantly. Pawan Kalyan fans several times disturbed Mega heroes during the audio launches. But Allu Arjun has strongly given a warning to the fans during the audio launch of the film Oka Manasu. But looks like they have irked him again during the SIIMA Awards event.

Allu Arjun has received an award for his performance in the film Rudhramadevi. While he is speaking at the event, the fans reportedly shouted Power Star Power Star. Allu Arjun who was irked said a dialogue “Gammunundavoy” as a counter and also managed it like delivering the film dialogue and continued his speech.

Looks like the Mega Fans especially Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans did not change their behaviour.

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