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Antham Movie Review And Rating



Rashmi Gautham, who made youth go gaga over the show Jabardasth made the silver screen set on fire with the film Guntur Talkies. Now again, she is back with another stunning hot awatar in the film Antham!! Check out our review on the film.

Banner: Sri Gayathri Arts Movies
Producer: G. Satyanarayana
Executive Producer: V. Lakshmipathi Rao, B. Venu
Director: G.S.C.P.Kalyan
Stunts: Sunkara Rambabu
Editor: G.S.C.P.Kalyan
Story: G.S.C.P.Kalyan
Music Director: Karthik Rodriguez
Screenplay: G.S.C.P.Kalyan
Casting: Chandradeep, Rashmi Gautham, Vasudev, Sudarshan
Language: Telugu
Genre: Drama, Suspense Thriller
Censor Certificate: ‘A’
Movie Duration: 131 minutes

Story : Antham

The film story is so simple. We might feel of coming across this subject in the past too.
Going into the story, Kalyan (Charan) and Vanitha (Rashmi Gautham) are working couple living happily in Hyderabad. They have their own world of living and adopts their own life style and lives peacefully. At some point, Kalyan has to travel to home town Vijayawada to cast his vote and he leaves Vanitha at home. Vanitha stays alone in the home and waits for the arrival of Kalyan the next day. Meanwhile, Kalyan in his return journey gets trapped by a stranger (Vasudev) who threatens to kill Vanitha if Kalyan fails to fulfill a mission which is planned by the stranger.
Who is the stranger? Why is he following Kalyan? What was the mission? What happens in the end? forms the complete story of the film.

Performance of Actors

Reshmi Gautham is hot as usual. Like Guntur Talkies, she has played a bold and impressive role in this film too where she was seen as Vanitha. Rashmi is too good in her role and she has given her best to keep the audiences glued to the screens. Except her, there is no much positive points in the film. Charan is okay as Kalyan and he is not a perfect choice for this role. Vasudev in his role is average and is not so perfect and he is loud. He failed to justify the role he is playing. Comic actor Sudarshan who tried to bring in some good laughs failed completely. Rest of the actors did not bring any impact on the screen.

Tecnical Team Performance

The technical team performed well in their roles but with a weak story and very bad narration and disappointing execution, the technical team also falls under the failure category. The Music of the film is composed by Karthik Rodriguez who impressed every one with Muddapappu Avakai. The music was just okay and it could not bring any great impact on screen. None of the songs in the film are hummable. The lyricists did their job well. Karthik did his part well with his background score to elevate few scenes in a big way but it could not help completely. The Cinematography, Editing and VFX departments were handled by Gssp Kalyan who is also the director of the film. He is a multi-tasker but he could not give justice to any of the departments he took care of. The editing is bad. The run time could have been crisper. The production values are not so good in the film.

‘KORADA’ Take On Antham

The film starts with a SPECIAL THANKS card to POWER STAR PAWAN KALYAN.

There is nothing called Story in this film titled as Antham. The narration is very poor on that point and hence, we can not come to a conclusion to discuss about interesting things in the film. With no proper story, the screenplay will also be an ordinary one. The story and screenplay are the major drawbacks in the film. There are poor dialogues written in the film and the director failed completely to take care of that. The film neither engages the audiences nor appeals great for them while watching. The film is completely bad that we cant bear watching it through out. There arent any Highlights in the film in particular. We literally cant find any from the film. Also, at the same time, there are so many minus points in the film. The major drawbacks of the film is Story, Screenplay and direction. Even the cinematography is also not good. The music is also not so impressive.

The major driving point of the film is Rashmi Gautham who makes us enter the film theatres. Rashmi Gautham completely dominates the screen with her skin show in the first half but then with poor characterization, the character was not justified. Even the film’s director Kalyan has shot a song of Krishnavamsi “Ee Velalo song” on both the leads to build up romance but it failed to impress the audiences. Right after the first ten minutes of the film, you will feel like walking out of the film theatre. The screenplay is never engaging. The film was also not promoted well. The film unit worked hard to make a better output but they could have concentrated more on the film’s script. Any of the characters were not designed properly. As usual, many logics have been left away leaving the audiences so confused. Overall, the film Antham is boring and tests the patience to the core.

Plus Points

  • Rashmi Gautham

  • Performances

Minus Points

  • Music

  • Story

  • Screenplay

  • Editing

‘KORADA’ Verdict On Antham

‘Antham’ Is Boring! Skip it.

Korada Rating : 1.5/5

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