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Ardhanari Movie Review And Rating



Ardhanari is the latest Telugu release which is based on the life of a transgender. Bhanu Shankar Chowdary makes his directional debut with this film. Arjun Yajath and Mouryani are playing the lead roles in the film. Check out the review.

Starcast: Arjun Yajes ,Mouryaani and 54 other new comers
Directed by : Bhanushankarr Chowdhary
Edited by : Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao
Cinematography by : Sai Srinivas Gadiraju
Produced by : Karlapudi Krishna
Produced on : Pathikonda Cinemas Banner
Music Director : Ravi Varma
Censor Certificate: A
Runtime: 140 Minutes

Story : Ardhanari

Ardhanaari (Arjun) is a transgender who comes to the city from a village. Ardhanari starts kidnapping and killing people and especially targets the government employees. There will be a connection with each and everyone Ardhanari kidnaps. As per a perfect plan, Ardhanari makes these killings and becomes a sensation in the city and the cops could not be able to trace the mystery behind these killings. On one fine day, the police manage to catch Ardhanari and starts questioning about the reasons behind these murders. Ardhanari maintains silence with the police officers and also in the court. Ardhanari mingles and roams with transgenders but also has a wife.
Who is Ardhanari? What is the motto behind the murders? What did Police/Court do? forms the complete story of the film.

Performance of Actors

Arjun, the lead actor of the film puts an amazing performance on screen and impresses all as a transgender. Arjun pulls the film on his shoulders. On Indian screen, at least in our South films, we knew Raghava Lawrence and Sharath Kumar playing strong Transgender roles in the past. Arjun too maintains the qualities of the character in a perfect manner and portrays all the emotions in a proper manner. Arjun satisfies with his acting and meets the requirements of the role he played. Also the female lead Mouryani is good in the film. She looks good and gives a good performance. She did not have a greater scope to perform in the film but makes her presence felt in all the scenes. The other actor Jyothi puts her best in the two roles she was given to play. Overall, the film has some good performances that are worth mentioning.

Tecnical Team Performance

The film has a very good point to deal with. The narration is also good and could not miss the point. Good writing also helped the film to do well. The debut director Bhanu Shankar Chowdary has written some scenes in an extraordinary manner. They have come out very well on screen. Comparatively, the second half of the film is better than the first half. The writing is good in second half and the director could have worked more on the first half script to appeal the audiences. The screenplay has few ups and downs but it goes on in a smooth manner. Though the music from Ravi Varma disappoints, the background score elevated the key scenes of the film especially in the second half. The scene transition did not go well. The editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is bad. The dialogues by Nivas are thought provoking. The cinematography of the film by Sai Srinivas Gadiraju is just okay! The production values of Karlapudi Krishna are not bad.

‘KORADA’ Take On Ardhanari

“Those who live without any responsibility have no place in the country/society”

is the main motto of the film. Unlike other message oriented films, Ardhanari strikes well with the audiences and this can be termed as a decent and appreciable attempt from the director. There are only a few patriotic films in Telugu and Ardhanari makes it to the list and becomes a successful patriotic film that is presented in a commercial way. Rather than just preaching things, the makers tried their best in making the film engaging. The suspense thriller elements were mixed well into the plot and it goes on with an interesting screenplay. Especially the dialogue “Alluri Seetharama Raju Malli Pudithe, Pakkintlo Puttali, Allu Arjun Maa Intlo Puttali” dialogue which did catch the attention before the release was delivered by the heroine and it clearly tells us the present mind set of the people in the society.

Gone are the days where film makers were in a misconception that the audiences will head to theatres only if they fill the film with elements like romance and comedy. The audiences are also encouraging the films that are rich on content. Many content driven films in the recent times have got appreciations. The director coordinated well with his team and tried to get the best output in the limited resources they have. But we do get a feeling that the director has missed the local nativity. With few ups and downs in the film’s flow and some unwanted boring scenes, the film looks good and decent with engaging content.

Ardhanari is one of those rare films that strikes well with the audiences but few ups and downs in the film makes it a boring watch! With strong content, the film can be given a perfect one time watch.


Plus Points

  • Performance by Arjun

  • Cinematography

  • Story

Minus Points

  • Music

  • Screenplay

  • Editing

‘KORADA’ Verdict On Ardhanari

Ardhanari Is Engaging & Leaves +ve Impact

Korada Rating : 3/5

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