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Akira Hindi Movie Review And Rating



Akira is the new Bollywood film which released in the theatres today! Akira stars Sonakshi Sinha in the lead role. Anurag kashyap and Konkana Sen Sharma played the supporting roles. Check out our review on Akira that released today in the theatres.

Story : Akira

In childhood, Akira (Sonakshi Sinha) was sent to Children Remand Home for attacking a person with Acid. After several years, she is seen as a college student in Mumbai who lives in the college hostel. One day four cops headed by ACP Khanna (Anurag Kashyap) comes across a car accident and gets involved in a money robbery. To hide this, they manipulate things and gets into troubles. To overcome these troubles, they use Akira and projects her as a mental patient. Everyone in her family and her friends believes the same. But Akira, as a strong woman fights it back to overcomes all the troubles to reveal the actual truth. Watch the film to know how all it happened.


Performance of Actors

Sonakshi Sinha is brilliant in the role of Akira. She was a true fighter. She shown transformation from a calm and peaceful person to a strong and brave woman. Kudos to her for doing some intense action sequences like that of any other male protagonist. She did a great job from beginning to the end and revealed the actress in her. Anurag kashyap, the lead antagonist of the film is equally amazing. At times, in some scenes he is sure to steal our hearts. The way he has given strong confrontation to the female protagonist is impressive! On the other side, Konkana Sen Sharma does a fine job as a sincere police officer. She played a key role in the film and the way she put a subtle performance on screen deserves appreciations.

All the other actors have given their best and made their presence felt.


Tecnical Team Performance

The production values of AR Murugadoss & Fox Star Studios are grand. The dialogues by Karan Singh Rathore are simple and effective. The screenplay has its ups and downs. At times we may feel that the momentum is getting down but finally, the film gets on track at right situations. Additional Screenplay has been penned by AR Murugadoss and the film had original screenplay by Santha Kumar who provided the story. The film has an interesting story. Its actually a difficult task to execute it in a successful manner but the director Muragadoss does it in a perfect way.


The film is Based on Tamil film Mouna Guru. The audio album scored by Vishal–Shekhar is good. The Background Score scored by John Stewart Eduri is good but it could be much more effective especially in some crucial scenes of the second half. The Cinematography by R. D. Rajasekhar is great. Editing by A. Sreekar Prasad is fine.


‘KORADA’ Take On Akira

Akira is a brilliant film. The film is actually a remake of Tamil film Mouna Guru. In the original, the film had the male protagonist. The entire film will be having the male lead in center who fights out to overcome the troubles. The film which was made into Telugu as Shankar is also the same. In both the South Indian language versions, the film has a male actor leading the film. But Muragadoss has taken it as a challenge to implement Gender Reversal concept and adopted the behaviour of that lead actor to Sonakshi’s characterization. Sonakshi plays the leading lady who leads the film forward.


In the process, there are so many restrictions in projecting Sonakshi’s role so strong but avoiding all those things, Muragadoss has shown Sonakshi in an amazing manner. Sonakshi also lived in the role of Akira. Muragadoss has developed the entire plot in an interesting manner and completely gave a fresh look to this remake. The way he directed some scenes proves his mark and involves us into the film in an intriguing way. Akira is definitely one amazing film that was dedicated to all the women who fight back with a lot of courage. This is a not to be missed film. In simple words, Akira is Amazing, Brilliant and Beautiful

Plus Points

  • Performances

  • Story

  • Screenplay

  • Dialogues

Minus Points

  • Slow First Half


‘KORADA’ Verdict On Akira

Akira: Amazing, Brilliant & Beautiful..!


Korada Rating : 3.5/5


Directed by : AR Murugadoss
Produced by : AR Murugadoss & Fox Star Studios
Dialogues by : Karan Singh Rathore
Additional Screenplay : AR Murugadoss
Original Screenplay : Santha Kumar
Story by : Santha Kumar
Based on : Mouna Guru by Santha Kumar
Starring : Sonakshi Sinha, Konkona Sen Sharma, Anurag Kashyap and others
Songs: Vishal–Shekhar
Background Score : John Stewart Eduri
Cinematography : R. D. Rajasekhar
Edited by : A. Sreekar Prasad
Production Company : A.R.Murugadoss Productions
Distributed by : Fox Star Studios
Release date : 2 September 2016
Country : India
Language : Hindi

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