06/10/16 8:12 AM

Attack On Director Raghavender Rao


In a shocking incident, It is revealed that a young man has attacked the senior film maker Raghavender Rao at his home and destroyed his cars. A young man attacked Raghavendra Rao’s house with an iron rod and destroyed the windshields of an Audi and a Benz that are in parking space. The person who hails from Ananthapur district came to fight with the director by alleging that the story of Sri Rama Dasu is his. Raghavender Rao clarified that Bharavi has penned the story for the film. Even when the watch man came to stop him, the person Vallipi Ravendra injured the watch man too.

This happened while Raghavender Rao is leaving out from home. Raveendra smashed windowpanes and other glass items and very soon he was controlled by Raghavendra Rao’s son and others at home. Upon receiving the complaint from the director, the Police officials have registered cases against the offender and sent him to judicial remand. This is very sudden and unexpected incident and the director in the wake of this increased security for his home and office.

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