06/26/16 5:17 PM

Baahubali Actor Booked In Drunk & Drive

Baahubali 2 (2)
The drunk and drive cases are not popular in Hyderabad. Every now and then, the police officers keep an eye on the drunk and drive people and some times, the film celebrities also get booked in that. The latest news is that the popular TV artiste was booked under drunken-drive charges in a drive conducted by Hyderabad Traffic Police last night and the actor was starred in the film Baahubali.
Bharani of Seethamahalakshmi serial & Baahubali movie fame was caught at Prashashan Nagar (Hyderabad) driving from Rayadurgam with an excessive intake of alcohol (above 41%). Soon after catching him, the police officials have seized his car and registered a case on him. The actor also silently c0-operated with the police officers and left the place.

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