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Balakrishna Lion Movie Review


Balakrishna Lion Movie Review


Certain range of expectations is set by fans for any Balakrishna film. Also those who troll Balakrishna have some expectations. Director Satyadeva, with Lion, successfully reaching the expectations of the first, shocked those trollers. Nandamuri Balakrishna, by trusting the story and offering chance to a debutant director, delivered a great mass director to Tollywood.


The story opens in a hospital, where a person(Balakrishna) who had been in coma for 18 months gains consciousness. He strongly believes that his name is Bose. But people tell him that his name is Godse and is the CEO of a large company. But the person does not have faith in their words. The couple who he believes are his parents and Mahalakshmi(Trisha) who he believes is his girlfriend, do not recognize him at all. Meanwhile, Jayasudha and Chandra Mohan (Names of these characters are not mentioned in the film) go after him saying that they are his parents and a girl(Radhika Apte) is his wife. They tell him that his name is Godse. But the person will be firm that his name is Bose and he is a CBI officer. Finally the person believes their words after they show him DNA test results. He then starts to Mumbai along with his family. That is when Satyadeva’s wonderful twist comes. If this person is Godse, then who is Bose? What is the relation between CBI officer Bose and Godse? Why will Godse be admitted to hospital? Watch them all on the big screen. It is not right to spoil your thrill by revealing everything here.


Satyadeva not only wrote a good story but also made it reach the audience well by not boring them in any scene. First half is extraordinary. Without slowing the screenplay down in second half, he managed without disappointing audience.


Balakrishna as a CBI officer impressed not only fans but everyone. Since the character itself has struggle involved, focus will not be on Balakrishna’s age factor that displays on his face. Also the character being near to age of Balakrishna, he fit in very well. But in romantic scenes that give their appearance once in a while in the fim, Balakrishna once again gave scope for criticism. Except for those romantic scenes, Balakrishna could be awarded a pretty good score for his action in Lion. His action while struggling between Godse and Bose characters is appreciable. Coming to the other actors, Trisha and Radhika Apte are mostly dedicated to songs in the film, Prakash Raj is well versed in portraying this type of characters. Other actors do not have much scope for action in Lion.


Satyadeva earned good remarks with his first film Lion. He satisfied Balayya’s fans and also impressed general audiences. His hardwork yielded good results. Satyadeva will surely get great offers in the coming days.

Technical Team

Producer Rudrapati Ramana Rao spent money for Lion, without giving any second thought but he also did not spend beyond limits. He set budget seeing to it that everyone is gained from Lion. Manisharma’s tunes are good to listen. 3 songs and the background score of Lion are great. Ram Lakshman stunts are also good. Editing part is good. They did a good job by cutting 10 minutes after approva; from sensor board. 10more minutes can be cut off Lion but editor did not.

Minus points

Balakrishna’s love track with Trisha and romance with Radhika Apte failed. The song shot with both heroines in it is bad. A scene created just before that song did not sink with the flow of Lion movie. Fights are lengthy. Not much comedy exists in Lion.


In a single line…

Lion is a treat for Balakrishna’s fans and a one-time watch for others.

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Ratings: 3***

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