04/20/16 1:56 PM

Balakrishna Slips His Tongue Again

balakrishna nandamuri

Nandamuri Balakrishna is always in the news for one or the other wrong reasons which is not goign well with any of his fans too. Even some of his fans are not accepting the behaviour of the actor shown in public. Balakrishna’s displeasure over the recent controversies, went on air yesterday, while he was talking to his colleagues at Nayaki audio launch. This was caught on the mike and Balayya is seriously not understand the things happening around him.

After he launched the audio, he made certain remarks in front of Trisha and the others on the stag about the ongoing controversies on him. Every one thought that he would speak some thing on these but he did not talk a single word on the mike and shared it with his colleagues on the stage. His talk on stage went on air as the mike around was still switched on. “What’s freedom, having cigarette is wrong, or if I talk about a kiss or making girls pregnant, even that is considered wrong”, precisely Balayya said.

The short video of him speaking has been trending on social media now.

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