04/18/16 3:35 PM

Balayya Caught Smoking In Public


Nandamuri Balakrishna, the actor and Hindupur MLA who is an inspiration for so many has now landed in a new controversy. Already he was called as a Vulgar Star by the national media when he made some weird statements and on the heroines and he also showed awkward behaviour during the audio launch of Savitri. Also at another event, the actor was seen with an hyper active and over-enthusiastic behaviour with singer Geeta Madhuri.

Also, Balayya was also caught using filthy language with media sometime ago. This time, when he attended Natchathira cricket organised by Nadigar Sangam in Chennai, he was caught having a puff in the cricket stadium. He did not resist himself from smoking even in the presence of so many actors and actresses. He is aware of the ban on smoking in public places but still he did this raising to several controversies

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