05/5/16 8:15 PM

Bollywood Critic Praises 24 Post Screening


“It requires courage, conviction, command over the medium and of course, financial strength to bring to life a film like 24. 24 grabs your attention from the titles itself and for the next 2.40 hours you’re hooked on to this terrific roller coaster ride. Biggest strength of 24 is its concept. It also packs loads of entertainment and unpredictable twists and turns that win you over. Vikram Kumar, who directed the terrific Manam [Telugu], displays his mastery yet again. He handles the subject with brilliance. Suriya, in triple roles this time, delivers an award-worthy, knockout performance. He’s stupendous as the evil antagonist. 24 is not just a good looking film, but has lots to offer. Kudos to the team for pulling off the subject with élan! Dramatic start, cute light moments [Suriya-Samantha], fab interval point, emotional moments, the culmination are the high points in the film.” posted Taran Adarsh.

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