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Bollywood : Dishoom Movie Review And Rating



In the past, film maker Rohit Dhawan, who directed Desi Boyz has now come to entertain the audiences with a similar kind of series films in Bollywood. In the process he has now a film titled Dishoom up for release. Check out our review on Dishoom that released today in the theatres.
Release Date : July 29th 2016 (Friday)
Directed by : Rohit Dhawan
Produced by : Sajid Nadiadwala, Sunil A Lulla
Written by : Hussain Dalal (dialogues)
Screenplay by : Rohit Dhawan, Tushar Hiranandani
Story by : Rohit Dhawan
Starring : John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Akshaye Khanna, Jacqueline Fernandez
Music by:
Songs: Pritam
Background Score: Abhijit Vaghani
Cinematography : Ayananka Bose
Edited by : Nitin Rokade, Ritesh Soni
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Story : Dishoom

The movie is majorly set in Abu Dhabi. The film starts with the kidnap of Indian cricketer Viraj (Saqib Saeem). It is found that a well know bookie is behind this and he is Wagah (Akshay Khanna). The kidnappers hides the cricketer and gives 36 hours time for saving him. Meanwhile, to find him and save him, the government sends Kabir (John Abraham) as well as Junaid (Varun Dhawan). There are several twists that appear in between in the process of finding the cricketer.
What is the relation between Viraj and Wagah?
How did Kabir and Junaid manage to save Viraj?
forms the rest of the story.

Performance of Actors

John Abrahamn did a complete justice to the role Kabir. He has put a decent and impressive performance. The role required lot of variations and the actor was successful in dealing with the role of a serious cop. Junaid role played by Varun Dhawan also came out well. Varun Dhawan also did a great job in the film but at times with unnecessary comedy, he irks the audiences. Varun Dhawan needs to improve a lot in terms of performance. He was struck with an image and he should seriously be trying something to come out of it. Shakib Salim is good as per the limitations of his role and he performed well in the film. Akshay Khanna who is back to films after a gap impressed all with his negative role. Jacquiline impressed all in her role as Ishika. She is glamorous. At the same time, Nargis Fakri also makes magic with her film. Parineethi Chopra makes a cameo appearance in the film.

Tecnical Team Performance

The music of the film has been a major highlight. Pritam has scored beautiful songs. The music really helped the film to bring in the crowds. Abhijith’s Back Ground Score was added as an extra advantage and an additional asset for the film. Ayinanka Bose cinematography is brilliant. On a whole, the technical team has been brilliant in the film and everyone excelled in their own departments.

‘KORADA’ Take On Dishoom

The film starts on a really serious note but by the time it ends, it appears to be un convincing. The seriousness nature of the film was not carried out properly in the film. The director could have worked more on the script. The songs were not shown in the expected manner. There are many unnecessary scenes in the film that brings the boredom for the audiences. Apart from this, the director impressed in dealing with the film perfectly especially in terms of technical details. The narration is disappointing. The locations looks great and the fights were choreographed in a interesting way.

There isnt the required effort that went in making or cooking up the story for the film. The dialogues were good but at times they did not go well with the audiences. The climax falls flat and disappoints big time. On a whole, Dishoom does not offer something new but tries to entertain you in parts.

Plus Points

  • Performances

  • Music

  • Story

Minus Points

  • Unnecessary Comedy

  • Narration

‘KORADA’ Verdict On Dishoom

Punch Gone Wrong

Korada Rating : 2.5/5

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