10/12/15 5:10 PM

Ram Charan Trims Chiranjeevi Role in Bruce Lee




Mega powerstar Ram Charan has finally done what he wanted to do regarding Bruce Lee. Though Sreenu Vaitla was given freedom in creative aspects, Ram Charan’s influence worked in some crucial areas. The star who accepted to act in Sreenu Vaitla’s film, on the condition that the director and writer Kona Venkat compromise has now done what he always wanted to, regarding his film Bruce Lee. Initially, it was not megastar Chiranjeevi that was chosen for guest role in Bruce Lee movie. It was some other star. Since that hero gave up in last minute, megastar came into picture for his son. Srinu Vaitla and Kona Venkat scripted down scenes that last for 15 minutes for the special role.But Ram Charan did not accept Chiranjeevi’s appearance for 15 minutes in his film. He disagreed to shooting megastar’s song and fight scenes for the film. Charan clearly told director and producers that his father’s role in his film should last for a very few minutes. Since Ram Charan has decided that he will be the producer of Chiranjeevi’s 150th film, he wants megastar to tap his feet in that film only. If Chiranjeevi’s role last sfor 15 minutes in Bruce Lee, Ram Chatran feels that excitement in audiences on his 150th film could be affected. So, Ram Charan trimmed megastar’s role in the film to just 3 minutes.



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