09/4/16 5:35 PM

Comedian Ali Comments On Netizens


Comedian Ali is always taking the center of attraction in the public events. Every time he makes a public appearance, there is always some buzz that happens around him. In the process, we have come across several interesting incidents already in the past and here is something that is new where Ali has made some interesting comments on the netizens.

Ali has recently been to the audio launch of Siddartha, Suma is the host of the audio launch. Speaking at the audio launch event, Ali shook his hand with the host Suma and said that these days it became tough with the netizens. Even if I shook my hand with someone, they are keeping it on Internet.

Also, he also joked that Paruchuri Brothers have worked with almost all the top actors in the film industry except Pawan Kalyan and added that he would speak on this with the actor who is very close to him!

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