07/31/16 12:57 PM

Comedian Apologizes To Star Hero Fans

Balayya Babu

As we have already reported you that Nandamuri Balakrishna fans were very much disappointed with the way comedian Prudhvi imitated Balakrishna in the film Jakkanna, the comedian also realized the same, The film features the comedian in over dose of imitation and it really becomes a big minus to his career. If he continues doing the same, it is sure that he is going to end his career. He is doing the same kind of roles again and again.

On the other side, the comedian has apologized Balakrishna fans and said that Balayya babu is like his inspiration and he never do anything consciously to make him or his fans feel bad. The comedian also assured that he wont be repeating such cases again in the future and gave a clarity on this. His film Jakkanna released on friday. Sunil and Mannara Chopra played the lead roles in the film.

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