01/19/17 5:07 PM

Comedian Prudhvi Makes Sensational Comments


Comedian Prudhvi is known for his best comic timing in the film industry. He’s been there in the film industry for a long time and has been struggling through years to make his mark. Finally, he has got his name and fame and he emerged as a top comedian in the film industry now. Films these days are incomplete without him. He has reached to a position where the producers are running after his dates and the directors are creating special comedy tracks for him. But of late, he is also facing the criticism that his comedy has become routine and he is acting in similarkind of roles continuously.

Also, the actor was found making controversial comments these days. Already he made few interesting comments in the recent times regarding his role length in the film Khaidi No 150. Now, he commented on the theatres problem that Head Constable Venkataramaiah film is facing.

“The film should have got the theatres which would be an indication that the small budgeted films will have a survival in the film industry.” he said. Indirectly, it might be a target to the big films Khaidi No 150 and Gautamiputra Satakarni which released this year.

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