06/28/16 1:13 PM

Dil Raju Judgement In Discussions

dil raju

Balreddy, the cinematographer of the film Rojulu Marayi interacted with media regarding the film promotions and in one such interview he revealed that Dil Raju judgement on the film gave them the boost.

The cinematographer of the film who made his film debut with the film Mallela Theeram Lo Siri malle puvvu revealed about his experience of working with the film Rojulu Marayi. “Maruthi garu gave me the opportunity of working in Rojulu Marayi after liking my work in Mallela Theeram lo Siri malle Puvvu. We have not made any experiments while making the film. I always treat every single film as the same. We worked hard and the team supported me a lot. After completing the film, I realized that Dil Raju garu is also a part of the film. I was initially tensed about his judgement. But he came up with positive response after watching the film.” revealed Balreddy.

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