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Dolly To Be Another Bobby

Director Kishore Kumar Pardasani at Thadaka Movie Audio Release Photos

Ever since director SJ Suryah is replaced with Dolly aka Kishore Kumar Pardasani for Pawan’s next, it’s kinda dejavu for many fans, film experts who have seen similar replacement for the star’s previous film Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Now speculations in the industry are rife that Dolly may go Bobby route.

Bobby, who had delivered an average ‘Power’ with Ravi Teja , jumped to grab the offer to direct Pawan in his second. Though this was in replacement to Sampath Nandi, Bobby didn’t think much and thought he was lucky to get the chance to direct Pawan. Only after the film hit the floors, Bobby realised that little did there’s anything to do as Pawan has total control on the project and he is the one who takes the final call in all matters. After Sardaar hit the screens, it opened to poor reviews all over and film received flak even from the star’s die-hard fans. The film bitten the dust incurring hefty losses to its buyers. And as expected, director Bobby has no work and he is totally out of the media glare since the movie is released.
Now, going by latest developments, Dolly may become another Bobby. Unless Dolly is mindful of taking things into hand and able to tell Pawan clearly what his space is, things may be difficult for Dolly in the future. Though Dolly had experience of handling Pawan in Gopala Gopala, that’s different as Pawan just confined himself to a special appearance. Also, the film, starring Venkatesh, was produced by Suresh Babu who has grip on his project, at least to an extent. So, Dolly hasn’t seen the complete side of Pawan Kalyan yet.
In addition to this, Pawan’s next is produced by none other than Sharrath Marar who in turn is another face of Pawan Kalyan. So, it’s indeed not easy for Dolly to handle Pawan Kalyan. Either Dolly has to give into Pawan’s orders or he has to give up the project. Let’s hope that Dolly won’t end up as another Bobby and be cautious of things. Given that the film is crucial for Pawan too, the star may also be slightly flexible which is the only ray of hope for Dolly.

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