11/9/16 8:04 PM

Donald Trump Brings Happiness To RGV


Am congratulating myself for predicting a Trump victory more than 4 months ago. I am throwing a Trumping party tonite. All those people who thought Trump was nonsensical are now proved to be nonsensical. All places Obama won last,Trump won now inspite of Obama campaigning against him thus proving he defeated Obama too apart from Hillary. Obama’s and Michelle Obama’s faces must have turned blacker with today’s trumping result. For some reason I like the present First Lady much more than the previous. US got its hottest 1st Lady since all wives of presidents starting from George Washington ..1002 kisses to Trump for making America Greater.

Advancement in human thinking is to elect a man who in his 60’s can talk about grabbing a woman’s Pussy..Honesty wins..Unka America Mahaan. I predicted Trump’s win and now my prediction is he will be greatest president ever .Lincoln,Roosevelt,Kennedy etc will be forgotten. A great lesson to b learnt from Trump’s victory is that even after killing political correctness u can become the greatest political leader. Time again it’s proved that Out of the box attitude always works with people ..examples are NTR,KCR Modi and Donald Trump.

People empathise with imperfections, quirkiness,impulsiveness and unpredictability and that’s why they got attracted to Trump. If Hillary won none would bother to follow what she would do as we know there won’t be surprises..but with Trump everyone will be following. More than Indian,I am a Godian n becos God is bigger than jst a country,whatever God creates anywhere in world I luv to chose from his best. I know many blacks who desperately wanted to become white including Michael Jackson but don’t know of any whites who want to become blacks. I am 5’8,but I luv only above 6 foot guys the same way I like people who are whiter than me.

I also like people who have lot more money than people who have lesser and I like people with fit bodies than ones with flab. I like intelligence compared to dumbness and a luxury car to a bike,a hamburger to a upma and a plane to a train. So in effect I am not only reversibly racist and noblistly sexist,but I am also truthfulist,intellectualist and a sincere common sensist.

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