01/6/17 4:12 PM

Dyevuda Movie Teaser Insulting Hindu Gods


Creativity needs some fundamentals and basics. Whatever comes to mind can’t be called creativity. These days, in the name of creativity, people are coming up with cheap and vulgar stuff on television and films. We have a lot of instances from the past where some TV shows adopting objectionable content, and though few people fight against such things legally, nothing worked out. Instead, the dose of this vulgarity has been raised. The comedy skits are being produced on various aspects. The writers are not sparring anything or anyone and going to the extreme levels.

Recently, the trailer of an upcoming film Dyevuda released into the net. The film stars all newcomers in the project. The movie’s plot line is based on living together relationships. What happens when a house is haunted with the good instead devil is the concept of the movie. But what’s shown in the teaser are too objectionable and extreme levels of madness. But what’s more surprising is that no one has officially come forward to talk or reveal their objection on the project or the teaser. There are some scenes in the trailer where a person in the name of Abhsishekam insults Lord Shiva with Cigarettes and alcohol as well as Non-Veg. The director Sai Ram Dasari claims that he shot the film after discussing with God. This is a publicity stunt add that too very cheap. Insulting Hindu gods in this manner is entirely objectionable. Hope people realises it soon and come forward to teach a lesson for such people.

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