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Eedu Gold Ehe Movie Review And Rating


Cast And Crew

Title : Eedu Gold Ehe (2016)
Star Cast : Sunil, Sushma Raj, Richa Panai
Director : Veeru Potla
Producer : Rama Brahmam Sunkara
Music : Sagar Mahathi
Releasing on : 7 October, 2016
Country : India
Language : Telugu
Censor : U/A
Runtime : 2 Hours 15 Minutes


Bangarraju (Sunil) a happy-go-lucky-guy enjoys life as it comes. With a pinch of innocence to his character, he leads a good life with newly found mother (Jayasudha) and brother Srinivas (Aravind Krishna). All of a sudden he is chased by a notorious criminal gang and he was accused of doing a robbery. The gang which is chasing Bangarraju have evidences that Bangarraju did the robbery. Sunil is also being chased by Sunil Varma’s (a look alike of Bangarraju) gang.

Why is Sunil being chased by the two gangs?

Who is Sunil Varma?

Why did Bangarraju involve in the robbery?

the answers for these questions form the rest of the film’s story.


Sunil is at his best in terms of energy and performance in the film. He has did well with dances and fights too. He lived to the film’s title and has delivered a golden performance. His comedy timing and spontaneous performance has been impressive. On the other side, the female leads did their best. Richa Panai has got an interesting role even Sushma Raj delivered a good performance in the film. Both the heroines are not only glamorous but also performed well in the film. Aravind Krishna has delivered an impressive performance in the film. Also, the other comedy actors performed well in their respective roles. Remaining star cast impressed and made their presence felt.

Technical Team Performance

The cinematography of the film by  is nice. The way visuals were presented on screen was impressive. The film has some good dialogues. Veeru Potla did a very good job by writing some good and entertaining dialogues. The music by Sagar is good and the back ground score is also impressive. The editing was okay. The run time could have been chopped off. The technical values of the film are good and the production values are grand. The fights were choreographed nicely and the dances were good too.

Eedu Gold Ehe Review

The major highlight of the film is the story of the film. It is neither old nor fresh but has good content that is required for a movie made in commercial format. The twists that were designed for the film’s story have been impressive. The makers planned it well that the film never gets down on entertainment quotient side. The way the story was weaved around the characters rather than the situations has been impressive and the director seemed to work a lot on the script. The performances elevated every situation and made us entertained. All the actors did their best and there was no over dosage of comedy in the film. The comedy worked big time for the film and it is one more additional advantage.

The screenplay is a drawback for the film. As the film has got an interesting story with some good twists, the screenplay fails to elevate the story. We dont find proper interest for the proceedings that happen in the film. The songs some times appear as speed breakers and there are ups and downs in the screenplay. Also the director took some time to establish the story and other key points in the film which was boring. The first half an hour has really nothing to convey and it is a minus point in the film.

Veeru Potla weaved a good story but failed to design an interesting screenplay. His dialogues are good and he was successful in bringing out good entertainment. On a whole, the film entertains us but it could have been lot better.

Verdict: Time Pass Entertainer

Rating: 3.2 5/5

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