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Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada Movie Review



Arjun (Nikhil), a btech completed guy plans for his marriage with a girl called Ayesha (Avika Gor). But unfortunately, Ayesha did not turn up at the wedding time leaving Arjun heart broken. Now, Arjun is a visual effect supervisor who happens to visit Kerala with a  One fine day, he happens to visit Kerala with his friend (Vennela Kishore) for treatment as the latter is possessed by an evil spirit. Arjun meets Nithya (Hebah Patel) and falls for her. But then Arjun realizes that Nithya is also possessed. Later Amala (Nanditha Swetha) approaches him as his lover.

Who is Nithya?

Who is Amala?

Why is the ghost following Arjun?

These questions will be answered on the big screen and it forms the film story.


The stories that revolve around ghosts are always interesting. There are many films in this particular genre but the way they were executed matters the most in the end. In our society, there are too many people who believe in Ghosts and there are a few who oppose this. But irrespective of that, there is always some power existing around us. Director V I Anand has taken up and interesting plot and cooked a story. He has shown us the story of a ghost who wanted to win her love in any case. Unlike the routine horror flicks, this film has a unique making style.

Without getting deviated from the original plot line, the makers have maintained good flow in the film and they have made it a different thriller flick. The film has got a perfect and apt title. Every character has got some significance in the plot and the director has established the lead characters very well. The story is routine but the way director has narrated and executed it is different. The scenes involving Kerala temple and Gurus have come out well. Amala character has got an interesting flashback which impresses all.

The makers have taken care in almost every department and it is why today the film looks with terrific output. The first twenty minutes of the film appaears to be routine but then the momentum picks up all of a sudden when the story shifts to Kerala. The comedy in the film worked out well. The music and back ground score has been impressive. The cinematography in the film has also came out well. The movie has got slow narration but on a whole, the film impresses. The film has many positive points that drives us to the theatres.


After the movie ‘Shankaraabharanam’, Nikhil has succeeded in making a good attempt to conjure the audience. Nikhil’s idiosyncrasy is established in such a way that, it seems to be unique in different steps of the story narration. Nanditha Swetha is to be definitely appreciated for her performance in this thriller movie. Her expressions are so captivating, as she enacts the role of a ghost who is desperately behind her love. Hebah Patel has justified her role well, along with her glamorous appeal. Avika Gor, who had a limited role adds more interest to the story.

Korada Verdict:

Different Horror Film With Interesting Execution. Watchable!



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