04/18/16 2:14 PM

Gautami Putra In Two Parts?

Nandamuri Bala Krishna’s 100th movie is ‘Goutamiputra Satakarni’ is gearing up on speed pace with the script work. Related to the movie script, a lot of work is being made to make it look impressive in all manners. The makers are very much busy in bringing up the best technicians to work for the film. Bala Krishna will be seen in dual role. this is related to a story in Satakarna era. Krish is directing and producing the film on his own.  Interesting news is roaming in Tollywood that like ‘Bahubali’ is released, this Balayya’s film is also planned to produce in two parts.
Krish and his team is also planning about releasing the film in two parts. The news will be conformed at midst of Satakarni shooting. The director is busy with the script work currently and he will make the final decision after a while. The movie shooting is to be started by 22nd of this month. Sources say changes may happen in the schedules of shoot too. The film might get released in Hindi too.

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