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Gunasekhar Underused Anushka in Rudhramadevi

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Anushka faced injustice in Rudhramadevi movie. Scenes that boost her image were not filmed well in the heroine-oriented film. Anushka dedicated a large portion of her call-sheet to Rudhramadevi. But on watching the film, we can say that Sweety did not get appropriate results for the hardwork she had done. Cheaply wrapping up scenes which could establish Anushka’s role in Rudhramadevi, focusing more on Allu Arjun’s Gona Ganna Reddy character, it can be said that Gunasekhar failed to fulfill the commitment which he gave to Anushka. Let us see some examples.

In the scene wherein Rushramadevi fights with elephant, Anushka can be highlighted to a great extent. But he narrowed down scope for Anushka by graphically replacing her with a lion.

Anushka’s character could be well-established as a leader in scene where Rudhrama gets lakes dug during the time of drought. But the director made it some kind of a puppet show.

There will be lack of emotional indulgence even when Rudhrama is abandoned from kingdom. Gunasekhar totally underutilized talented actress Anushka.

Coming to climax…it better not be revealed but even in those scenes, Anushka was not given wider scope.

Director SS.Rajamouli who watched the film yesterday posted on Facebook that it would have been great if Anushka, Rana, Prakash Raj were given some more scenes.

After overall analysis, it could be said that the name that Anushka earns through Rudhramadevi is not even half of what Arudhati has brought for her. This is how Gunasekhar underused Anushka in Rudhramadevi.


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