05/3/16 12:44 PM

Hari Teja Is Modern Suryakantham : Trivikram


Veteran and senior legendary actress Surya Kantham needsw no introduction. She is a gifted actress to the film industry in the olden days. There is no replacement for her in the industry and we are pretty sure that no one ever can replace the actress. She is a gem in the crown of Telugu cinema and she was known for playing the role of cruel mothers-in-law.

But in a surprising revealation, the director Trivikram has finally found a replacement for the actress. She is none other than  supporting actress Hari Teja who is popular for her work in TV serials like Manasu Mamatah and a couple of other films as well. Hari Teja will be seen playing an important role in Trivikram’s upcoming film A.AA. Appreciating the work of Hari Teja at the audio launch of A.AA, the director said that she is going to stay here for long. “Hari Teja is my favorite actress and she is “modern day Suryakantham”” trivikram said.

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