06/27/16 12:55 PM

Heavy ‘Chiranjeevi’ Bhajana In Discussion

Chiranjeevi Konidela

Mega Star Chiranjeevi is back with a bang at the Cine Maa awards function. The event was held some time ago in Hyderabad. The event was telecasted yesterday night in Maa TV. Almost majority of Telugu people were glued to the screen yesterday to have a glimpse of Chiranjeevi performance at the event. But the episode of paying a tribute to Chiranjeevi irked a bit. Many could not go through the very long and dragged episode.

Chiranjeevi is a star hero who ruled the industry in top position for two decades. The tv channel which is owned by Chiranjeevi paid a tribute for the actor and the episode slot was not less than half an hour. Though it is  enjoyable. after a while everyone forgot that it is awards function and they should value the time of all the other stars. It appealed like Chiranjeevi’s own function and not any movie awards function.

Almsot everyone has did Bhajana by being over board. Not everyone will like it. Right?

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