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Hyper Movie Review And Rating


Young and Energetic hero Ram Pothineni is coming back with his second film in this year. The film is titled as Hyper. Prathi Intlo Okaduntadu is the caption for the film Hyper. Raashi Khanna is the heroine. Santosh Srinivas is the director of Hyper. Hyper is produced by 14 Reels Entertainments banner.

Hyper Cast and Crew Details

Film : Hyper

Caption : Prathi Intlo Okaduntadu

Cast : Ram, Raashi Khanna, Satya Raj, Naresh, Thulasi, Posani and others

Directed by : Santosh Srinivas

Produced by : 14 Reels Entertainments

Producers : Anil Sunkara, Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta

Music : Ghibran

Cinematographer : Sameer Reddy

Editor : Gowtham Raju

Dialogues : Abburi Ravi

Hyper Story

Narayana Murthy (Satya Raj) is a honest government employee. He lives happily with his family. His son (Surya) loves him a lot and is over obsessed about him too. Surya doesn’t spare anyone who turns a problem for his father. In the process, a local minister Rajappa (Rao Ramesh) creates problems for Narayana Murthy regarding the approval of a mall. At a point of time, Surya involves in things which goes against his own family and Narayana Murthy starts hating his son.

What made Narayana Murthy hate his son?

What troubles did Rajappa create to Narayana Murthy family?

How did Surya overcome all the troubles?

forms the rest of the story of the film.


Ram Pothineni is good in the role of Surya which is energetic and youthful. In some scenes, Ram over emotes and his routine over action tries to irk the audiences. Ram excels with dances and fights. Raashi Khanna has nothing to do in the film. Except for the songs, she has no scope to perform. She was used to bring the glamour to the screen. The scenes between the lead actors failed to impress. Satya Raj performed well as a honest government employee. His performance in telling the greatness of Government Employees is a major highlight. Murali Sharma impresses us in his role. Rao Ramesh gave his best for the antagonist role in the film. All the other actors are okay and made their presence felt in the film.

Technical Team

The production values maintained by 14 Reels Entertainments banner are good. The film has music by Ghibran. The songs are good to listen but they appear as speed breakers in the film. The background score by Mani Sharma could not impress. The cinematography by Sameer Reddy is good. Th editing by is okay. There are lot of lags in the film. The dialogues by Abburi Ravi are impressive. The technical team of the film did their best for the film. Some portions of the film could have been chopped off to maintain proper flow.


Hyper which is tipped to be an action and family entertainer has got a very good and interesting point to convey. The director has developed the film’s story with an interesting point about the ethical values and honesty of government employees. Not very often we see such good points on screen but Santosh Srinivas has taken this interesting point and cooked up story around it. This interesting point has been executed in a good manner. From the beginning to the end, there is not much that excites us in the film. Santosh Srinivas is succesaful in executing the film in an engaging manner.

The performances of the film are also up to the mark. Everything appears to be lame and bored at some points. The story is old and routine but was shown well. The director has followed the very old commercial formula in cooking up the entire drama. As a result, every scenes appears to be boring and lacks the freshness. The scenes also lack depth. At one point, the entire film becomes predictable. The comedy worked in parts and this is an advantage for the film. Hyper is a film which offers us nothing interesting but moves forward with the interesting point about government employees. And its true that the film is entertaining.

Hyper is the routine and typical mass entertaining film which was dealt in a entertaining manner.  There is a very good plot line in the film and everything that was dealt in the film has been very much interesting. With so many good moments here and there, the film Hyper perectly fits the bill and offers some good stuff. Though the film has some old routine formulaic melodrama, it entertains. Ram gets back to the routine films track which is again a treat for his fans.

Verdict: Entertaining Film With A Good Message

Rating: 3.5/5

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