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Interview : I Am Remake Rani, says Shruti Haasan


Premam is the latest super hit film in Tollywood starring Naga Chaitanya, Shruti Haasan, Anupama Parameswaran and Madonna Sebastian in the lead roles. The film is doing very well at the box office and the entire film unit was happy with the run. Shruti Haasan who was in Hyderabad participated in the post release promotions today and interacted with media. Shruti shared several things about Premam, her role Sitara, working with father, Writing and much more. Read on to know what she has to say about several things that are keeping her busy!


Shruti starts off the conversation with the journalists by extending her sincere gratitude and she also thanked the audiences for the constant support over the years. She was very happy with the response she is getting for the film Premam and her role Sitara. “I thank the media and the audiences for making our film a big hit. Premam was a unique film. I always tried different roles in my career and I always wanted to give a new experience for the audiences by selecting different characters. In the process, I opted to do Sitara and working as a teacher was interesting. Sitara has different shades to her character. She is very calm, soft and dignified. Sitara is completely opposite of me. That was challenging for me which made me to test my luck.” reveals Shruti about her character in the film Premam.

Soon after the remake was announced, there was a lot of criticism and there was comparisons with the original too. But Shruti was not really very much bothered about all these things. Having born and brought up in Haasan family, she was used to handle the criticism and pressure. “I have Haasan as my surname. I learnt to deal with pressure and criticism from my childhood itself. The criticism and comparison and stuff don’t really affect me.” reacts Shruti with a confident tone. Shruti also added that she watched the original Premam much before she was offered the role. “I enjoyed the original a lot. I liked every character and actor and fell in love with it.” says the actress.

A good team is what that made Shruti comfortable on the film sets. She revealed that working for Premam was a very good experience. She heaped praises on both Naga Chaitanya and the film’s director Chandoo Mondeti. “Working with Naga Chaitanya was an amazing experience. We’ve been friends before the film itself and hence it was nice for me to be a part of the film. It was a positive experience to be associated with the project. Coming to the performances part, Chay did a great job a Vikram in the film. Chandoo Mondeti has his respect for the original Premam and he gave a new film for Telugu audiences without which is being appreciated today. Chandoo was a very clear person. His clarity, vision and approach was very impressive which made me confident about the project.” said Shruti.

Shruti calls her a Remake Rani which is very apt for her with highest success ration in doing remakes. She did a couple of remakes in Hindi too which have become hits. She is currently a part of Pawan Kalyan’s Katamarayudu and Suriya’s S3. “I am very happy and honoured to work with Pawan Kalyan garu in Katamarayudu. We worked for Gabbar Singh in the past and that film was a beginning for me. Everything changed after that. Working with him was special and I am loving the character I play in this film. I am working with Suriya garu again in S3 after Seventh Sense. It was a nice experience too.” shares Shruti about her upcoming films.

This year was so special for Shruti as she started working for Sabash Naidu where she shares her screen space with father Kamal Haasan. “He (Kamal Haasan) is very strong as always and is doing much better. He is recovering speedily. We are waiting to start the shoot again. It was scary in the beginning to work with my dad. But it was an amazing learning experience for me. The girl I play in the film is young, bold, modern and its a sweet character.” says Shruti.

While everyone was curious about how Shruti approached the character she played in the film Premam, she has a beautiful answer. “I keep the original in mind while working for the remakes. I approach it as a new person. I try my best to make people forget the original. Regarding the film Premam, the one big change that I and my director Chandoo worked on was on the character of Sitara. Compared to Malar, Sitara is a bit more strong and dominant.” reveals Shruti about the thought process that comes in while approaching a new role.

Shruti Haasan is a multi-talented person. With handful of acting assignments on hand, she is also trying her luck with singing every now and then. She is a also a very good writer. “I would love to sharpen my writing skills. I am definitely going to do it in the coming future. Writing is something that makes me very happy.” shares Shruti who also adds about her recent work Be The Bitch, “Be The Bitch was a great opportunity for me. Usually, I am very concerned about women and their rights. I always wanted people to express themselves. When it was my turn to express myself, I felt like expressing it in my own way using Blush as a great platform.

Shruti Haasan wrote and narrated ‘Be The Bitch

“I am ready to take up lady oriented films but if and only if I like the character. Films like that need to be made with a lot of care. If something goes wrong, the entire effort fails.” says Shruti when she was asked about her interest of doing female centric films and on a funny note, she says that she is very scared of doing horror films.

Akshara Haasan, who is walking in the foot steps of Shruti Haasan recently signed her second film as an actress. The young talented beauty is also working as an assistant director for Sabash Naidu. “Akshara is a smart and talented girl. She will find her own way in the film industry. I am always there for her when she needs me.” says Shruti sharing that the conversations with sister are like any other that happens between two sisters.

Shruti finally concludes her chat by thanking everyone for loving her as Sitara in the film Premam.

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