10/20/16 1:25 PM

Interview: ISM Will See New Puri Jagan says Kalyan Ram


Talking about ISM, Kalyan Ram said, “This is not my ISM or Puri garu’s ISM. There is every thing in it. Everyone has his own ISM and we tried to bring it on the screen. Puri garu took an interesting social issue in the film. But the major highlight of the film is the conclusion. Puri garu took a step ahead and made the conclusion so impressive. I play an investigative journalist in the film. Hero characterization came out very well in the film with some rebel attitude. The character I play is very strong. The first half of the film will be focused completely on entertainment and takes a nice twist at the interval block. There is also a love story and family emotional block in the second half. There are three layers in the film. A love story, society issue and a family sacrifice element are those three layers.”

“I am loving the transformation that I undergone for the film. I must thank Puri garu for this amazing transformation. Today, everyone is raving about the film and we are happy about it.” said Kalyan Ram about the positive buzz on the film. A mask plays a key role in the film. Kalyan Ram said that this mask was used by the hero of the film to hide his identity. “The film is very clean and neat and runs on a positive note. Puri Jagan garu has changed a lot regarding this film. Puri Jagannadh garu will be seen in a completely new style.” said Kalyan Ram.

“NTR Arts will never compromise in making the film. We make films within the budgets and within the time limits.” said Kalyan Ram about his production house.

“There is a major highlight in the film in the form of court scene. It is a nine pages scene which is a monologue. I am initially worried but Puri garu had a great confidence on me that I would pull off the role easily.” said Kalyan Ram. Talking about his future films, Kalyan Ram said, “I always try to make new films. I select new subjects. As of now I am hearing couple of scripts but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

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