08/15/16 8:15 AM

I Introduced Bunny & Mahesh : Dasari


Dasari narayana Rao has participated in the success meet of the film Srirasthu Subhamasthu. He praised Allu Sirish and his performance. Dasari also appreciated the efforts of the film unit in releasing a good film which also turned as a profitable venture. On this occasion, he made some surprising and stunning comments about the film industry.

“Mahesh and Allu Arjun were introduced to the film industry by me. Audiences moved away from the routine films and they are looking out for good and different films that come with content. I am feeling yuk with all the films coming these days. Family entertainers have no place these days. But the films are changing and we have seen many successful films this year and all of them have good content. Its good that audiences have accepted them. My best wishes to the film unit and my special wishes to Allu Aravind who accepted to do this small film. I wanted to be a brand ambassador for small films.” said Dasari.

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