05/31/16 2:06 PM

Is It Srikanth Addala Failure?


Srikanth Addala, the director of Brahmotsavam is being blamed for the failure of the film. All Mahesh Babu fans who praised him during the time of Seethamma vaakitlo Siri Malle Chettu were not happy with him and are completely dissatisfied with him regarding the result of Brahmotsavam. The fans are digging the reasons behind the poor result of the film. Some of the fans are allegedly reporting that Srikanth Addala could not concentrate on the making of the film Brahmotsavam as he got an opportunity to work on a film starring Mega hero.

Srikanth Addala simultaneously worked on a script of his next film starring a mega hero during the making of Brahmotsavam and due to lack of proper involvement in the making of Brahmotsavam, the film turned out to be a failure says fans. But Mahesh is taking the credit for the failure. Srikanth Addala is silent on the result of the film so far.

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