06/20/16 10:56 PM

Its Pawan’s Sacrifice For Mahesh


As we have already reported you that Pawan Kalyan’s next film will be directed by Dolly and not SJ Surya, here is an exclusive and interesting news. In fact, it is Pawan Kalyan choice to let SJ Surya free from the responsibility of direction. Directing Power Star Pawan Kalyan is really big opportunity but SJ Surya had to lose it because of getting busy in acting.

SJ Surya is concentrating on emerging as a big actor and he is getting very good offers too. Pawan Kalyan has specially asked SJ Surya to concentrate on acting. Pawan who came to know that SJ Surya is the main villain in Mahesh Babu next film commented that the film will surely elevate the actor in SJ Surya as it is one prestigious film in South. Pawan Kalyan even assured SJ Surya that he will be ready next year to act in his direction.

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