07/19/16 9:30 AM

Jabardasth Spoiled Allari Naresh

Selfie Raja 2

Sudden Star Allari Naresh latest film Selfie Raja is said to be doing well at the box office. This has been a biggest surprise for all the critics. The film has received poor reviews and the makers were really worried when the film completed its first show. Most of them who have watched the film have commented that the film is a big boring tale and it has no single positive point that can impress the audiences. Selfie Raja is the weakest film for Allari Naresh in his career so far and this is a fact who will agree to.

Now, if we analyse the drawbacks in the film, the major thing that appears before us is the comedy. Comedy which has to be a major plus for Allari Naresh films now turned as a major minus point. Allari Naresh has depended mostly on the skits and spoofs and even brought Jabardasth team in the film but in real, it is Jabardasth spoofs and skits which spoiled the film. The film has not even a single healthy comedy scene!

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