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Kaashmora Movie Review And Rating By korada.com

Kaashmora Review and Ratings, Kaashmora Movie Review Starring: Karthi and Nayanathara, Kaashmora Telugu Review by korada.com. Check Kaashmora review

Karthi and Nayanathara are playing the lead roles in the film Kaashmora. Sri Divya is seen in an interesting role. Santhosh narayan is the music director. Gokul is the director of the film. PVP Cinema is producing the film. Prasad V Potluri is the producer. Check out the review of the film on korada.com



Kaashmora (Karthi) is a person who pretends to be possessing some magical powers and an art of speaking to souls mints a lot of money from public with some tricks and his entire family is involved in this business. One fine day, a local minister falls for the trap of Kaashmora and family with which they escapes along with minister’s money and assets worth 500 crores. In some confusion state, all the family members turn up at an abandoned bungalow which is said to be a Booth Bungalow. Raj Nayak (Karthi) is a spirit waiting in the bungalow for Kaashmora.


  • Why is Raj Nayak waiting for Kaashmora?
  • Why did Kaashmora family land up in bungalow?
  • What happens next?


The answers for the above questions form the rest of the story.

Actors & Their Performances

The lead actor Karthi has got an interesting character in the film. The best thing is that he has played dual roles in the film. In the film, Karthi plays Raj Nayak and also a mystery man. This is really a revealation for Karthi as he has got to portray several variations in his roles. This is surely going to be a special and important film for Karthi. Surely, the film will take Karthi to a next level and is a major boost for him in Telugu film industry. Nayantara has played the role of Rathna Mahadevi in the film. She is gorgeous and lived up to the expectations of the character. She has glorified the role with her beauty and left a very good impression. She performed very well too. Actress Sri Divya is seen as Yamini and she also got a very good role in the film. Sri Divya performed well and she will impress us in the film. Vivek has got a good role in the film and performed well. The rest of the actors like Sharath Lohitashwa, Madhusudhan Rao, Siddharth Vipin and Jangiri Madhumitha made their presence felt.

Technical Team & Their Performance

The film is Produced by S R Prakashbabu and S R Prabhu. They have maintained some impressive production values for the film. PVP Cinema has brought the rights for Telugu version of the film. They distributed the film well and promoted it well here. The writing by Gokul is good and impressive. The music by Santhosh Narayanan is not so good but the background score of the film is in sync with the film’s mood. The cinematography by Om Prakash is impressive. Editing by V J Sabu Joseph is okay. The pace is slow and the editing could have been sharper. The running time is really very high and the run time should be more crisper. The action choreography is stylish and impressive.

Korada.com Review On ‘Kaashmora’

Kaashmora comes up with an interesting package of multiple elements. The film comes with good entertaining stuff. There is a lot of healthy entertaining stuff which keeps us engaged with the film. Kaashmora starts off with the point of Spirits, Black Magic and the people who make money with such elements. The interesting scenes that are penned around this backdrop are entertaining. Karthi along with the actor Vivek and others brought some healthy laughs with their performances. The film actually has not much story in the film but what keeps us moving is the screenplay and the fun elements.


The first half of the film is above average with few ups and downs. The narration is slow and the first song irks a bit. This first song could have been chopped off easily as it helps the film to appear racy. The narration could have been gripping because as the film is a fantasy drama, the audiences should travel with the characters. The characters in the film were very well established. The way Karthi shows different variations in the film is impressive. Without touching the sensitive issue of God, Godmen or the Spirits and Black Magic the director has cleverly cooked up the plot around the characterisations which really worked.


The half an hour of the film before the interval episode is highly entertaining. Karthi’s performance evokes loads of laughs in the theatres. The pre-interval episodes and the interval bang is highly entertaining and it raises the interest among the audiences to watch the second half. The second half though appears to be a bit dragged, it keeps the audiences engaged. The second half reveals the much awaited flash back episodes in an interesting manner. The war episode was shot well. The graphics work should be appreciated in the film. The pre-climax sequences in the film are very much gripping.


Till interval, on the slower side, the film looks unimpressive but the occasional jokes are keeping it alive. The Story of the film picks up pace from the pre-interval scene itself. Borderline that comes to us is that the film Kaashmora is enjoyable package which is a mix of horror, comedy, fantasy and period elements. It is sure that we may like the film in parts. The director Gokul’s ideas are appreciable as he comes up with a unique script but he lacks conviction to hold attention and execution. Few laughs and grand visuals add up to the film on a brighter side. Karthi is a performer and that’s proven here once again as we already said. The casting for the film is huge plus.

Verdict: Thrilling & Entertaining


Rating: 3.25/5


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