11/23/16 10:02 AM

Kalyan Ram’s Next With That Director?


Following the release of his latest movie, ISM, Nandamuri Kalyanram is in thoughts regarding his upcoming film. Kalyan Ram is yet to decide on his next and he is trying his best to arrive on to a conclusion. There are several reports on his next film and we are also not sure which report is turning out to be a true report. The latest we are hearing is that the actor has initiated the talks with several filmmakers and he is very much keen on working with the comedy entertainers’ specialist G Nageswara Reddy.

Apparently, G Nageswara Reddy narrated a comedy cum action family entertainer to Kalyan Ram which really impressed the actor. Kalyan Ram is waiting for the director to complete and develop the script. Also, the director is waiting for his new film Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam release.

More details about Kalyan Ram’s next will be out soon.

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